• Evidence of Harm + Bonus Material

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    "Evidence of Harm + Bonus Material" includes the feature length documentary, plus over a two hours of bonus material about the multitude of adverse health symptoms brought on by mercury poisoning.

    Evidence of Harm chronicles the lives of three ordinary Americans who become reluctant health adv...

  • Bonus Material Only

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    This package contains over two hours of bonus footage, which includes interviews with leading mercury researchers and government health experts discussing various aspects of the devastating effects of mercury toxicity.

  • Evidence of Harm
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    Evidence of Harm

    3 videos  |   Rent $4.99   |   Buy $9.99

    EVIDENCE OF HARM follows the lives of three health advocates as they struggle to inform the federal government and public that large amounts of toxic mercury vapors are released from "silver" amalgam dental fillings during routine dental procedures.

    The film presents a haunting portrait of a ...